Store Address:

Bizzaro - Creative Education Services
Al Najda St.
Opp. Grand Al Mariah Cinema
The Delma Interiors Bldg(New Shams Pharmacy)
Mezzanine Floor
Tel: 026262298

The CITY store is open Saturday to Thursday (9 am to 1 pm & 4 pm to 8 pm) and Fridays (4 pm to 8 pm).  

Uniforms, Book and Stationery packs will be available to purchase in the school from 15th August until 6th September for your convenience.

Please see the map below showing the location of the CITY store. Underground parking is available adjacent to the store. 
Only cash will be accepted. A card and cheque facility will be announced shortly. 

Stationery and copy book packs are available from the CITY store. Whilst it is the responsibility of the parent to provide their child's stationery, it is NOT COMPULSORY to purchase the stationery packs from the school store. Parents have the option to buy items independently following the required stationery list for the particular grade. 

Grade 9 students may require a small amount of additional subject-specific stationery items depending on their options. This will be communicated by the teacher at the start of the term.

Houses will remain the same as this year for returning students. 

Al Nahyan - Red PE t-shirt
Al Maktoum - Blue PE t-shirt
Al Qasimi - Green PE t-shirt
Al Sharqi - Orange PE t-shirt

New children with brothers and sisters already at school are in the same house as their siblings.

There are no changes to uniform requirements.

Please note sensible black school shoes are a requirement for all children with sports shoes (pumps or trainers) required for PE. Football boots are not allowed in school. Please comply with the requirement for plain white short or knee length socks or plain white or black tights for girls and white or black socks for boys and were preferred by parents plain white long sleeved undergarments or leggings are optional for wear under the uniform. 

For swimming, a plain black or blue costume is required. Boys costumes should not have pockets. 

Non-uniform jackets are not allowed. Please purchase a school fleece.

It is planned that school cardigans, sun hats, PE shorts and jumpers will be added to the range by the new supplier in the future. We will inform you when they are available.