Uniform,Stationery ,Copy book and Arts Pack Information

Uniform,Stationery ,Copy book and Arts Pack Information

Dear Parents

The uniform shop will be open in the school hall daily from August 14th to 26th for all of your school and PE uniform needs. Opening hours will be Saturday to Thursday 10am to 1pm and 4pm to 8pm. On Friday the opening times will be 4pm to 8pm only.

From 27th to 31st August the school store will be open in the evening from 4pm to 8pm.

The school store will also open each Saturday throughout September from 10am to 2pm.

The city store​ (​Bizzaro –Square Stationery Trading(CES Bizzaro)  

Address: Khalidiyah Near Technical Scissors and Lulu Express - Abu Dhabi,

Hours: Saturday to Thursday (9 am to 1 pm & 4 pm to 8 pm)

Tel: 0523514989.​) ​

will be moving to Mazyad Mall in response to feedback about parking issues faced at the city store. Opening dates and times will be posted on the website and sent by email closer to the time.

The uniform store ​(Bizzaro) ​in the city will remain open at its current location as per the times and days detailed on the website until 15th July,

G11 student uniform will consist of a new Grade 11 Al Basma girls or boys shirt which must be purchased from the uniform store and formal long black pants or black skirt below the knee and smart black shoes which can be purchased elsewhere. The overall look should be appropriate smart, formal work wear.  

In addition to uniform you will be able to purchase:

  • Streamlined term 1 essential stationery starter packs. 
  • Compulsory art packs for G4/5 and G6/7/8 students. One pack should last for at least two years. Please note the contents are different dependent on the curriculum.
  • G9/10 and G11/12, mandatory art packs for  iGCSE and iALevel Art students only  
  • Streamlined essential copy book packs.
  • House PE TShirts for their assigned house - the store has a list. It is essential that the children wear the correct tshirt.
  • Compulsory white lab coat for G6 to 11 to meet MOE H&S requirements newly implemented in private schools.

Please note it is essential that all children have the compulsory books and stationery items as provided in the book, art and stationery packs for each grade to be able to fully access all of the activities set by the teachers and record their learning. This is a mandatory requirement. 

In response to parent feedback to reduce cost and waste we have reduced the number of books and quantity of stationery in the pack and made art packs for two or more years rather than adding them annually to the stationery pack from G4 to 12. This may mean that there aren't enough books or stationery for some children. If children require additional books or stationery it is the parents' responsibility to ensure they are replaced or replenished.

Individual replacement or supplementary copy books will only be available from the store after school opens on September 2nd. 

Small stationery packs with replacement consumables for term 2 and 3 will be available from the school store from December onward for your convenience.

A list of required stationery and copy books for each grade is posted on the website. It is essential that all students have the minimum stationery and books listed in order to be able to access the curriculum.

Kind regards

Ms Allison