Drama is a beneficial subject for anyone looking to explore new avenues and create new characters. Within drama, students learn the importance of team work and how to express their emotions and share ideas. Drama is a great way to teach writing and reading skills as we will be focusing on script work throughout KS3 and KS4. The lessons are full of fun and laughter, whilst educating students on key language and writing based on the English Literature Curriculum.

We must all do theatre, to find out who we are, and to discover who we could become. Augusto Boal


In KS3, students will learn basic drama techniques which include, public speaking, reading a script, working as a team and creating performances. They will have the opportunity to watch different performances and participate in shows themselves. Students can take different roles within the drama classroom if their preference is not acting, as there are many different career options that stem from this subject.


Our GCSE Drama offers students the opportunity to explore drama as a practical art form in which ideas and meaning are communicated to an audience through choices of form, style and convention. Students will create, perform and respond to drama informed by their theoretical knowledge of drama and theatre. The subject content details the knowledge, understanding and skills that students are expected to develop throughout the course of study. The subject content for GCSE Drama is divided into three components:

  • Understanding drama
  • Devising drama
  • Texts in practice
  • KS5

    We will soon be ofering Performing Arts at AS/A Level

    Head of Department - Mrs. Hannah