Please ensure your child wears their RFID badge. This badge is equipped with a chip which will enable you to track your child’s position during their journey and will text you as your child enters and leaves the bus. This is very valuable technology but it only works if the child is wearing the badge. It is your responsibility to ensure that they leave home with their badge each day. The badge is also one of our health and safety checks to ensure each child is on the correct bus and can be located at all times during the journey.

Please ​click here to understand how to login and register your child​. ​Once registration is complete, the password will be sent to your email ID providing you with a link to the tracking system. We would highly recommend that you stick a photo of your child on the card​ using strong double-sided tape

Your child will be handed over to a parent or responsible adult at the bus stop. We cannot bring the child directly to your front door as the nanny needs to be supervising all children remaining on the bus.

If your child travels by school bus and you change your accommodation, it is your responsibility to inform the bus coordinator Mr Muthalib by placing a call to reception at Al Basma School or by visiting him at school where he is permanently based so that he can try to move your child on to the bus for the new area. However, please be aware that we cannot guarantee a place on the bus to the new area. If the bus is full you will be placed on a waiting list.

If you do not want your child to travel home by bus for any reason please let us know before 1.30pm and collect them from reception before 2pm, after 2pm you must collect them from their usual pick up point at 2.40pm, we cannot guarantee that if the request is placed after 1.30pm the message will be communicated to all required parties.

All of our buses comply with the ADEC school transport regulations and are fitted with seat belts, GPS and cameras for your child’s safety.

Please respect our neighbours and park considerately at pick-up and drop off times. Please do not block our neighbours' driveways or double park so that the road is inaccessible. Thank you for showing empathy towards our neighbours.